The Old Story Time


Remembering long time ago when misty morning comes this day
When winter was not also made this lonely heart frozen
May multitude of snowflakes fallen from clouds

May blizzard came
May ploughsnow sweated
May bobsleigh was sought
After fallen leaves covered the forest floor

Don’t you think that time was suitable for sorrow ?
And blue coloured your heart ?
Overfilled day with castlesed in the air ?

Oh not mine !

Even cold air soaked through bones
But it could not touch
But it could not reach
But it could not chisel in on my heart

Even so this heart was lonely
but it still had warm hug
sure can melted the crystalline water ice
become rapid river

though hazy misty morning comes
Go away drowsiness, sleepiness, laziness
even still cannot vanishing
the old story time



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